Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Box cover
Game: Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Console: Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Released: Summer 2004
Acquired: Christmas 2004
Box Description:

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Screencap 1 - N/A
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Screencap 2 - N/A
For the first time in ages, Mario squares of with his original foe!

Donkey Kong just made off with all the Mini-Mario toys, and now it's up to Mario to chase his long-time nemesis and retrieve the stolen goods.

  • Jump, man! Leap and battle through increasingly difficult levels as you use switches, conveyor belts, hammers, and more to overcome the hordes of enemies that block your way.
  • You need brawn...and brains! Figure out the best path, then break out new Mario-moves like the handstand to track down keys, collect gifts, and navigate perilous platforms across barrels of levels.
  • KO DK! Before battling Donkey Kong at the end of each world, collect all the Mini-Marios and lead them to safety.

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