Mario Pinball Land: Box cover - N/A
Game: Mario Pinball Land
Console: Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Acquired: April 1, 2005
Box Description:

Mario Pinball Land: Screencap 1 - N/A
Mario Pinball Land: Screencap 2 - N/A
It's a Mario Adventure with a Spin!

What starts as a fun day at the fair ends in disaster when Princess Peach gets flung far off into Bowser's Castle! In order to save her, Mario squishes himself into a ball and blasts across the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, he ricocheting off Goombas and Koopa Troopas and collecting the magical Star Keys ina pinball adventure unlike any other!

  • Explore your way across over 30 boards, from frozen wastelands to sandy deserts, and collect Stars, Coins, and unique Power-up items!
  • Use your Power-up items to plow through your enemies and discover secret areas. Uncover new paths, mini-games, and more!
  • Roll your way through the Mushroom Kingdom in Adventure Mode or, for a quick challenge, beat your best time in Time-Attack mode!

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