Super Mario Sunshine: Box cover - N/A
Game: Super Mario Sunshine
Console: GameCube
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Released: August 2002
Acquired: April 29, 2005
Box Description:

Super Mario Sunshine: Screencap 1 - N/A
Super Mario Sunshine: Screencap 2 - N/A
Dark Days on Isle Delfino!

When Mario arrives on tropical Isle Delfino, the once-pristine island is polluted and plastered with graffiti. Even worse, he's being blamed for the mess! Now instead of enjoying a relaxing vacation, Mario has to clean up the place and track down the real culprit.

  • Mario's new multipurpose water pack, FLUDD, lets him spray goop away and hover over danger. It even has Rocket and Turbo nozzles!
  • Scale soaring cliffs, wall-jump up perlious passageways and even tiptoe along tightropes as you tour the island, Mario-style!
  • Yoshis are back! When Mario feeds the hungry dinos fruit, they'll help him jolt tropical troublemakers with juice!
  • Armed with FLUDD, mario'll battle all sorts of big, bad bosses, including goop-spewing Piranha Plants!

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