Mario Kart DS: Box cover
Game: Mario Kart DS
Console: DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Released: November 2005
Acquired: Christmas 2005
Box Description:

Mario Kart DS: Screencap 1 - N/A
Mario Kart DS: Screencap 2 - N/A
The ultimate Mario Kart race is on!

With three ways to play, Mario Kart has never been better! Win cups solo-style, battle wireless buddies, or take on pals anywhere in the world over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!

  • Total shell-tossing mayhem! Frantic speed, crazy new items, multiple karts per character, and an all-new mission mode make this a Mario Kart fan's dream!
  • Over 30 courses! Tour brand-new tracks and battle areanas, as well as favorite courses from every Mario Kart game in the series!
  • Race your friends over the internet with up to 4 karts at once or have 8-player free-for-alls with one Game Card using local wireless!

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